3 Tips for Travelling to Stockholm

Stockholm is a great place to travel to, as there are many things to do. However, when traveling there, it’s always great to have some tips in mind to have fewer worries. So in this blog post, you’ll learn three tips that make it easier for you to enjoy Stockholm.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

#1 - Don’t Worry About Cash

If you’re considering a currency exchange, don’t worry about that, as there’s no need for it. In almost every place, you can pay by card. But if you want to get it just in case, then only take a couple of hundred dollars worth of SEK.


#2 - Eat During “After Work”

During weekdays, Swedish people have a tradition called “After Work.” With this tradition, they head straight to bars after work to enjoy a drink. During this time, prices will be slightly reduced!

#3 - Plan Your Trip to City Ahead

When visiting Stockholm, it’s best if you’ve planned your trip ahead of time. And it’s not enough to buy plane tickets ahead of time. Instead, I’d recommend you also book the train tickets to make getting to the city easier.

You won’t have to hastily find and buy your train tickets. Instead, you could comfortably take your bags and go to the train station. If you’re landing on stockholm arlanda airport, then I suggest you use Arlanda Express!



And that’s it! Now you know the three best tips for traveling to Stockholm! So keep them in mind, and you’ll have a blast!