Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Performing

Facebook ads are a compelling way to increase sales. With 2.936 billion monthly users, you can find your target market and convert them into buyers. And those who use this opportunity correctly can see their revenue skyrocket.

But unfortunately, for most advertisers, the reality is disappointing. Usually, they create their ads, cross their fingers, and lose a lot of money. While there is no definitive way to fix your Facebook ads, there’s one thing many advertisers seem to not do. And that one thing is market research.


Most beginning marketers will randomly pick an audience and location on the Facebook ads page and hope for the best. But instead of that, you should be doing so much more! And if you do that, not only will you know who to target, but you’ll know:

  • What offers your customers find compelling

  • How to write a high-converting ad copy

  • What your customers want from your products

  • And so much more!

So how do you do that? Well, there are many ways of doing that, but here is a couple:

  • Check out niche forums - Forums are a great way of finding what the shared dreams, problems, and fears of your customers are. That information is excellent for writing copy that sells.

  • Look Through Amazon Reviews - Checking the reviews of best-selling products in your niche is highly beneficial. You can find exactly what your clients like about your type of products and what they wish was improved there.