3 Things to do in Copenhagen in 2023

While on the surface, it might seem that Copenhagen is a city like no other. But that’s where you’d be wrong! As you dig deeper, you’ll find out that there is a lot of sightseeing to do! Don’t believe me? Well, check out the three things you can do.


#1 - Museum of Copenhagen

For starters, you could visit the Museum of Copenhagen! With it, you can learn the 800-year-old history of this city, its people from the Viking era to nowadays, and much more. And what’s even better? It’s pretty affordable!

So if you’re a history buff, you should definitely visit!

#2 - Glyptoteket

Is history not your thing? Well, why not give a Glyptoteket a try? Glyptoteket is an art and statue museum founded in 1888 by brewer Carl Jacobsen. And what a stunning place it is.

It has high ceilings, and in the center, there’s a stunning winter garden. So it’s definitely worth checking out.


#3 - Strøget

There’s more to Copenhagen than some museums! One of the top attractions of this city is Strøget! It’s the biggest shopping district in Copenhagen, stretching to 1.1km long. In there, you’ll find all the designer brands like Prada but also some more affordable ones like H&M and Zara.

So if shopping is up your alley, then visiting Strøget is a must.


So as you can see, there are tons of things to do in Copenhagen! But that’s just scratching the surface. So if you’re planning your stay and looking for a design hotel Copenhagen, I suggest you try Villa Copenhagen.